5 Things You Should Know About Shining SHINee

SHINee’s recent comeback with their title track Don’t Call Me definitely showcased their amazing vocals, superior dancing skills, and their overall undeniable performance charisma. Both fans and non-fans raved about this comeback especially since they had 3 years of inactivity due to required military enlistment in South Korea.  If you’re new to the K-Pop scene … Read more

Rookie K-Pop Acts To Watch Out For This 2021

The K-Pop industry is not slowing down any time soon. In fact, it has become a churning factory of talent and visuals. It continues to create groups after groups and debuting them with different concepts – some even chartering into more bizarre and never-before-seen themes. And from the cute girl groups that have long been … Read more

The 6 Hottest Models From Korea

South Korea is known worldwide due to its viral idol groups nowadays. Over the years, Korean skincare also made waves. These two are the most distinct features of the country, yet they also have the best models.  Most Korean models burst from Seoul Fashion Week. It is still one of the best venues to see … Read more

Introducing Dr. Jart+ (+ Product Reviews)

Introducing, Dr. Jart+ – the Korean skincare company that is taking the beauty and health world by storm. Riding on the bandwagon of Korean skincare that seems to be just about everywhere at the moment, is the icky, but truly effective anti-aging skincare brand from Seoul.  Dr. Jart+ was created in 2004 by Lee Jin-wook … Read more

Purito: The Perfect K-Beauty Starter Brand

Pureness is the most important concept behind Purito. This brand believes that good skin comes from pure ingredients. Their products are free of artificial ingredients and use only natural and certified organic ingredients that are made in the United States. Their products also adhere to the EWG Green Label and are cruelty-free and vegan, contributing … Read more

The rise of BTS: Why did they become so popular?

It’s 2020, and K-pop sensation BTS is abruptly all over. BTS might be the most mainstream boy group the world has ever seen.  BTS: Who are they? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the seven-member Kpop group has become a world sensation with bringing in $130 million out of 2019 sales from merchandising alone. Plus, having … Read more

Top Korean Dramas (2020 Ratings)

Korean Dramas are turning out to be increasingly more famous over the world as the distribution for them has extended to web-based features to let considerably more individuals access. Probably the best K-Dramas are more than a couple of years old yet are staples for everybody turning out to be contributed inside the media form.  … Read more