The 6 Hottest Models From Korea

South Korea is known worldwide due to its viral idol groups nowadays. Over the years, Korean skincare also made waves. These two are the most distinct features of the country, yet they also have the best models.  Most Korean models burst from Seoul Fashion Week. It is still one of the best venues to see … Read more

Best Websites to see Korean Fashion Trends

Are you getting bored purchasing clothes from the same shopping site again and again? Looking for another best online shopping site for Korean fashion trends where you can finally find fits for your OOTD?  Don’t get burned into stress just searching for one! The following lists of online shopping sites are a splendid way to … Read more

5 Unique Korean Fashion Styles

Let’s be real, we can never really be able to follow every fashion trend that there is. There’s just too many! With the new technology that we have today, it’s no wonder that our fashion quickly adapted to it too. The harder part is that sometimes, it’s not only one trend. There can be more … Read more

The 101 on Male Streetwear Fashion

I’ve always liked the idea of having a fashionable oppa (오빠) and for a time I fixed my standards to these men especially those of Korean dramas: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’s Jung Joon Hyung, My First, First Love’s Tae O, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’s Lee Young Joon.  I’ve lived in my fantasy … Read more

Idol Wave on Fashion: How the Kpop Idol Scene Influences K-Fashion and 5 Male Idol Fashionistas

It was 2012 when I started college and I distinctly remember getting close with my freshman roommate after we watched a few of her kpop recommendations. First of which was Taeyang’s Wedding Dress (which was honestly a tearjerker!).  But I didn’t get hooked until a year later during my sophomore year when I got introduced … Read more

The Latest 2020 Korean Men Fashion (Updated 2021)

South Korea has currently lined itself with major fashion cities like Paris and Milan with its very own annual Seoul Fashion Week. Within 40 years in the fashion market, it has now grown into a strong 20 trillion won industry. And thanks to the “Hallyu” wave that is now conquering the globe with KPop artists … Read more