5 Things You Should Know About Shining SHINee

SHINee’s recent comeback with their title track Don’t Call Me definitely showcased their amazing vocals, superior dancing skills, and their overall undeniable performance charisma. Both fans and non-fans raved about this comeback especially since they had 3 years of inactivity due to required military enlistment in South Korea.  If you’re new to the K-Pop scene … Read more

Rookie K-Pop Acts To Watch Out For This 2021

The K-Pop industry is not slowing down any time soon. In fact, it has become a churning factory of talent and visuals. It continues to create groups after groups and debuting them with different concepts – some even chartering into more bizarre and never-before-seen themes. And from the cute girl groups that have long been … Read more

The rise of BTS: Why did they become so popular?

It’s 2020, and K-pop sensation BTS is abruptly all over. BTS might be the most mainstream boy group the world has ever seen.  BTS: Who are they? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the seven-member Kpop group has become a world sensation with bringing in $130 million out of 2019 sales from merchandising alone. Plus, having … Read more

Top New Kpop Boy Groups

K-pop boy bands have been rocking the entertainment world not just in Korea but as well as in the entire world. Perhaps, you already have your own bias, supporting them and calling yourself with such names like Army— a fan of BTS or Carat —  a fan of Seventeen. As a music fan, one of … Read more

Top New KPop Girl Groups

Day by day, the Kpop industry is always on flame,  getting popularity not just within Korea but dominating the international music industry as well. Nowadays, there are a lot of Kpop girl groups in South Korea and they’re continuously growing in popularity as well as captivating the hearts of their international fans to fully support … Read more

Idol Wave on Fashion: How the Kpop Idol Scene Influences K-Fashion and 5 Male Idol Fashionistas

It was 2012 when I started college and I distinctly remember getting close with my freshman roommate after we watched a few of her kpop recommendations. First of which was Taeyang’s Wedding Dress (which was honestly a tearjerker!).  But I didn’t get hooked until a year later during my sophomore year when I got introduced … Read more

Influence of KPop on Style

In current years around the world a brand-new pattern has actually been produced in young people fashion, which is based on utilizing clothes and accessories of the society of South Korea. However why is this phenomenon? Kpop is the reason that new patterns have been created in the existing style. Fundamentally, this is a sort … Read more

Top 10 Kpop Boy Groups of 2020 (Updated 2021)

Boy bands have always been a big craze and each generation has their own boy band sensation that every girl and guy are hooked to with a complete collection of CDs, posters, and all other merchandise. Among the greatest of these boy bands have given us the greatest anthems of all time: Backstreet Boys’ 1999 … Read more

Top 10 KPop Girl Groups of 2021 (Updated 2021)

Let us start this article with the hashtag #GIRLPOWER. Boy bands are a craze but so are girl groups. And if boys have Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, The Jonas Brothers, and One Direction, girls also have an impressive list of empowered women who graced our lifetime with iconic stages and records. First on the list are … Read more