Everything You Need to Know About Hangul

Every one of us speaks a different language, literally. There is a different language and way of writing for every country that there is. This helps make us unique in our own way. Although we do have the universal language, which is the English language, we still have our own unique ways of writing and … Read more

A Guide to Korean only Phrases

Many of us have difficulties in understanding a different language. This is very frustrating if you love travelling and going to a lot of places. It can be very confusing also to see all the written signs and hear the people around you without understanding even a single word of what they’re saying. You may … Read more

Your Guide to Korean Honorifics

Mom & Father in Korean In this lesson, we will discover just how to say ‘mom’ and also ‘Father’ in Korean. Family members is very important and, when possible, extra so in Korean society than in numerous various other nations. Either way, ‘mommie’ or ‘daddie’ is among the first, otherwise the initial, word most of … Read more

Basic K-Drama and Korean Language Terms

Headed to South Korea? Love Korean Dramas? Have a Korean friend you want to impress? These simple expressions can be applied in numerous circumstances and will not only help you navigate the streets, markets and social situations you may find yourself in, but will also earn you a lot of respect from the locals. You … Read more