Introducing Dr. Jart+ (+ Product Reviews)

Introducing, Dr. Jart+ – the Korean skincare company that is taking the beauty and health world by storm. Riding on the bandwagon of Korean skincare that seems to be just about everywhere at the moment, is the icky, but truly effective anti-aging skincare brand from Seoul.  Dr. Jart+ was created in 2004 by Lee Jin-wook … Read more

Purito: The Perfect K-Beauty Starter Brand

Pureness is the most important concept behind Purito. This brand believes that good skin comes from pure ingredients. Their products are free of artificial ingredients and use only natural and certified organic ingredients that are made in the United States. Their products also adhere to the EWG Green Label and are cruelty-free and vegan, contributing … Read more

Must-Try Korean Skincare Guide

One thing that you need to do the most is to take good care of yourself. Doing so can help you achieve a good look and good health. Being healthy gives us a lot of opportunity for positive vibes to come our way. If you absolutely look good, you will surely feel good too. There … Read more

Your Shopping Guide to the Best Korean Skincare (2020)

Your Shopping Guide to the Best Korean Skincare When it comes to the leading brands of beauty and skincare products, the South Korean industry has been popularly known as one of the hottest industries for the last few years. A trendsetter in cosmetics and skincare in Asia, that is South Korea being described. Korean beauty … Read more

Top 10 Korean War Movies

War is something very significant to a country’s history. It affects the country in many ways. It can change not only how they are on that specific time, but also their future as a nation. There can be many reasons for war to happen. It can be done to control a country’s natural resources. Other … Read more

Embracing the KBeauty Trends

In the age we live in, every little thing we enjoy most feels like it’s just seconds far from being shared with millions. Love burns intense as well as fast now. Songs of summertime can morph into omnipresent earworms that make you wish to go into your ear canal to make it all quit. Foods … Read more

The Hallyu Wave of Korean Culture

Surely you know of K-drama and K-pop, right? A lot of people, not just the Asians, craze on Korean dramas. When there is an ongoing K-drama series, people would stay updated and watch the latest episodes. The stream for these K-dramas. That is how powerful movies and series are from South Korea. Aside from the … Read more