Top 10 Kpop Boy Groups of 2020 (Updated 2021)

Boy bands have always been a big craze and each generation has their own boy band sensation that every girl and guy are hooked to with a complete collection of CDs, posters, and all other merchandise. Among the greatest of these boy bands have given us the greatest anthems of all time: Backstreet Boys’ 1999 … Read more

The Hallyu Wave of Korean Culture

Surely you know of K-drama and K-pop, right? A lot of people, not just the Asians, craze on Korean dramas. When there is an ongoing K-drama series, people would stay updated and watch the latest episodes. The stream for these K-dramas. That is how powerful movies and series are from South Korea. Aside from the … Read more

Top 10 KPop Girl Groups of 2021 (Updated 2021)

Let us start this article with the hashtag #GIRLPOWER. Boy bands are a craze but so are girl groups. And if boys have Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, The Jonas Brothers, and One Direction, girls also have an impressive list of empowered women who graced our lifetime with iconic stages and records. First on the list are … Read more

Kimchi: A Delicious Way of Korean Life

How Many Different Kinds of Kimchi are there? No conversation about Korean food is complete without mentioning kimchi. This important part of the oriental diet is rich in lactic acid germs and nutrients and has entered in worldwide consciousness as a health food. Today, we’ll explore this international phenomenon and the many different kinds of … Read more

A Complete Guide to K-Pop

A Guide to K-Pop History, Evolution, and Idol Groups “Oppa Gangnam Style!”  It’s not a traditional phrase you’d expect to hear at a wedding, but Gangnam Style is being sung and danced to in weddings, parties, and fitness classes around the world today.  Turn on the TV, and you’ll see the popular men’s group BTS … Read more

How to Eat Korean Food: A Complete Guide

Korean Food Guide Introduction: Whether it’s the dishes that you see in your favorite Korean drama or foods you got to eat at your Korean family’s house, Korean food has this amazing ability to take hold of your eyes and taste buds and never let go. Meaning, once you see Korean food, you’ll want to … Read more

The Best: 7 Highest-Viewed Korean Dramas

Korea is having its time in the spotlight due to the Hallyu wave, not only when it comes to Kpop groups like BTS, but in every other realm of media imaginable. One of the most popular items to come out of Korea in the past decade is Korea’s increasingly popular Korean Dramas. Everyone has an … Read more