How to Eat Korean Food: A Complete Guide

Korean Food Guide Introduction: Whether it’s the dishes that you see in your favorite Korean drama or foods you got to eat at your Korean family’s house, Korean food has this amazing ability to take hold of your eyes and taste buds and never let go. Meaning, once you see Korean food, you’ll want to … Read more

The Best: 7 Highest-Viewed Korean Dramas

Korea is having its time in the spotlight due to the Hallyu wave, not only when it comes to Kpop groups like BTS, but in every other realm of media imaginable. One of the most popular items to come out of Korea in the past decade is Korea’s increasingly popular Korean Dramas. Everyone has an … Read more

BTS Reveals Original First Impressions of Each Other

Who is BTS?  BTS stands for their full name, Bangtan Boys which means those created as Bulletproof Boy Scouts. The name was explained to represent how the group will be those that block out “stereotypes, criticism and expectations that aim on adolescents like bullets”. Accordingly, their music takes on an edgy feel as they sing … Read more